2-bucket car wash method

Two-bucket wash method: A key to a scratch-free car wash

People who love taking care of their cars always hear about the 2-step wash and 2-bucket method car wash. It is where you should start when you want to make DIY car detailing. If you are reading this article, I believe you are one of those people, so let’s find out what is a 2-bucket car wash and why you should use it.

What is a Two bucket car wash method?

A 2-bucket car wash or a scratch-free wash method is the 2nd step in a 2-step car wash. USE IT ONLY AFTER A PRE WASH. It is a way of washing your car using two buckets. One bucket is for water with soap, and the second with clean water for removing sand and dirt from your wash mitt.

Is 2 bucket method car wash necessary?

Using only one-step wash, which means a touchless wash with a high-pressure washer, does not remove static contaminations from body paint. You may notice that when your car is drying after a self-service car wash, there is a thin layer of dirt covering the car. Usually, people remove it with microfiber towels to dry their cars. All this dirt leaves micro-scratches on car paint when you try to remove it with a towel.

On another side, if you want to remove this static dirt from your car, you have to use a wash mitt. The majority of people who use wash mitts do not use the 2-bucket method, sometimes even any buckets at all, and start to scratch their cars with wash mitts and sand after applying 1st coat of soap. You should avoid doing it as well if you don’t want to ruin your car paint.

If you already notice scratches on your car, check our detailed guide to car scratch repair.

So what should you do if you want to remove dirt and static contaminants and not scratch your car? It is the right moment to use 2 buckets!

Can you wash a car with only 1 bucket?

The 2-bucket wash method cannot fit everyone. Not every self-service car wash will allow using the 2-bucket method cause there will be a long line after you, waiting when you finish detailing. Not everyone has a place at home or a country house to wash their car freely. So you might think about using only the 1-bucket method.

Honestly, I used this way of washing my car, and if you can be careful, you will remove static dirt without scratching your car at least as much as removing it with a towel or using no buckets. All you need to do is to rinse the wash mitt every time you swipe off the dirt in one direction and fill up the bucket with water not to reach sand from the bottom. Always use a grit guard, especially for the 1-bucket method. If you cannot use two bucket wash method, use Rinseless Wash instead which allows you to wash your car without a hose.

What you need for washing a car with a 2-bucket method

Two-bucket wash method step by step

1. Wear nitrile gloves and insert grit guards into buckets.

2. Add shampoo to the 1st bucket and fill it with water under pressure to create foam. Fill 2nd bucket with clean water.

3. Pure the wash mitt into 1st bucket and pick up the top layer of foam.

4. Wipe off your car one time for each side of the mitt in 1 direction without applying too much pressure to the car paint.

5. Rinse the wash mitt in 2nd bucket and go back to 3rd step until you go through the whole car from top to bottom.

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