Best Tire Shine 2023

Even new tires can look a bit faded. To make them deep black again, we should clean tires with the best tire cleaner, and then apply the best tire shine. Various tire shine is available: gels, sprays, and foams. Every type has its pros and cons, but for us, the most important is how long it last, how it protects the tires, and the so-called ‘wet look’ of tires. In 2022 and 2023, car care companies released new products for tire detailing, so let’s find the best tire shine for 2023.

For a proper tire shine application check how to apply tire shine.

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Why should you use tire shine?

  1. It protects from dirt, grime, and chemicals. Tire dressing creates a hydrophobic layer on your tires to protect them from getting dirt fast and not allowing road chemicals to destroy rubber.
  2. UV lights protection. UV light can destroy your tires in one season if you leave your car in direct sunlight for a long time. You can notice small cracks on tires caused by UV light. It protects your tires like the best car sealant protects car paint!
  3. Better look. Tire shine creates a so-called ‘wet look’ on tires, which makes them look deep black. This makes even old tires look like new and make your overall exterior detailing look complete.

Best tire shine 2023

Chemical Guys Galactic Black

best tire shine

New product from Chemical Guys. An oil-based product that makes it water-repellent and lets it last longer. After applying, even old and faded tires are transformed into fresh-looking tires with deep black color and good shine.

The product is dry-to-touch after application. You can use it on faded exterior plastic and rubber too. It has a pleasant scent.


16 oz (473 ml)

Adam’s Polishes Graphene Tire Dressing

best tire shine

It is an additional product in Adam’s Graphene lineup that will let your tire shine and hold longer on your tires. It doesn’t have too shiny effects, but with this dressing, tires look deep black like new. It’s one of the best no-sling tire dressings.

It has different volumes, which is crucial for those who love to test a product. They can take a small bottle, use it for several months, and then buy 5 gallons of it and forget about buying new tire dressing for years. It has a watermelon and fruit fragrance.


16 oz (473 ml) / 1 Gallon (3.78 Litres) / 5 Gallons (18.9 Litres)

Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Tire Shine

best tire shine

It is a new product in Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic lineup, which, in my opinion, should replace Endurance Gel. Only time will show who wins, good old Endurance or new Hybrid Ceramic Tire Shine. What is a definite benefit of Hybrid Ceramic is the easiness of appliance.

It creates a middle shine and should be more hydrophobic than Endurance, which I did not notice. What it’s doing better is keeping tires looking dark longer than Endurance.


16 oz (473 ml)

CARPRO DarkSide Tire & Rubber Sealant

best tire shine

This product must be a leader in our list based on shine and hydrophobic effects. It has a glossy shine effect, which is not everyone’s best feature. On the other side, while you drive your car, the shine fades a bit, and it looks like it should when competitors don’t show any shine with time.

The only con of this product for somebody is that it’s a gel. Gels are longer and messier to apply compared to spray or foam.


1.6 oz (50 ml) / 17 oz (500 ml) / 34 oz (1 Liter) / 1 Gallon (3.78 Litres)


This comparison is based on one layer of product applied. Note that you can apply all products in 2 layers to bring higher gloss, darker color, and last longer. Protecting your tires with tire shine will improve your vehicle’s overall look, along with restoring black plastic on your car!

Consider what you prefer when you use tire shine. If you don’t want to spend time applying it, don’t do it with gels. When the dry-to-touch effect is what you want, take Chemical Guys Galactic Black or Adam’s Polishes Graphene Tire Dressing.

Hopefully, every tire dressing has a small volume option, so you can try every dressing to find the best one for you based on the tires you use, your driving style, and weather conditions in your region.

As I mention, before applying tire shine, you should clean tires thoroughly, to make this process easier, don’t forget to use the best tire cleaning brush.

This list is the best tire shines of recently released products, so be one of the first to try them on your car.

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