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Best Car Sealant in 2023

We all want to give our cars the best protection we can, and that is how we get into car detailing. Once we get there, we see many different ways of paint protection, and one of such ways is using the best car sealant. Such type of coating is easy-to-use and provides superior protection. So let’s find out what it means, what makes it so unique compared to traditional waxing, and what are the best car sealants on the market!

Before applying such long lasting paint protection as car sealants, make sure that your car's paint is crystal clear and free off any contaminations using our detailed guide to deep clean car wash.

What is Car Sealant?

Car Sealant is a type of car wax that has superior to regular car wax protection, gloss, and longevity properties. Car Sealants are usually based on synthetic polymers like ceramic (SiO2), silicon polymers, urethane, or other polymers. It allows them better to bond with car paint and gives better protection against UV rays and dirt.

Best Car Sealant in 2023

Meguiar’s M27 Pro Hybrid Ceramic Sealant

Meguiar's M27 best car sealant

M27 is a high-quality ceramic sealant from Meguiar’s. This product is well-known for its superior protection and ease of application. You can apply this product by hand or with a dual polisher. M27 allows longer curing, so you can apply it on an entire car before wiping it off. Feel free to use it on car paint and protection films.


$29.99 for 16 oz (473 ml)

Chemical Guys Sealants

Chemical Guys Jet Seal

Chemical Guys best car sealant

Based on Chemical Guys they developed this sealant for the aerospace industry. It is a high-quality sealant with synthetic nano-tech polymers, that provides superior protection, shine, and hydrophone. Jet Seal is applied by hand.


$55.99 for 16 oz (473 ml)

Chemical Guys Jet Seal Matte

Chemical Guys Jet Seal Matte

It is the same product as Jet Seal but developed specifically for matte paint finishes. It protects your matte paint without adding unwanted gloss.


$55.99 for 16 oz (473 ml)

P&S Ultracoat Paint Sealant

P&S paint sealant

It is a powerful polymer and urethane sealant from P&S, that creates a high-gloss protective finish on paint. You can apply this product by hand or with an orbital polisher.


$37.90 for 32 oz (946 ml)

Best Spray Sealant in 2023


Carpro HydrO2 best car sealant

CARPRO offers a cost-saving spray sealant concentrate formulated with hydrophilic glass fibers, silicon polymers, and fluoropolymers. You can spray this sealant on nearly every car surface including paint, glass, plastic, convertible tops, wheels, calipers, and wheel wells. HydrO2 protects your car and enhances its shine and hydrophobic properties.

The dilution ratio of HydrO2 is 1:10, which means that even 100 ml (3.38 oz) of concentrate will make you 1 Litre (33.8 oz) of ready-to-use spray sealant!


$20.99 for 100 ml (3.38 oz)

Gtechniq C2 Ceramic Sealant

Gtechniq ceramic sealant

C2 is a ceramic spray sealant from Gtechniq that can protect your car, boat, plane, or RV. It is an easy-to-apply product that creates a protective layer against dirt and UV lights.


£16.25 for 500 ml (16.9 oz) in the UK

Koch-Chemie Spay Sealant

Koch-Chemie spray sealant

SO.02 is a ceramic spray sealant from Koch-Chemie. It provides a high-gloss paint finish with hydrophobic properties which help your vehicle to repel dirt and water. You can use it on painted car surfaces, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles.


$33.99 for 500 ml (16.9 oz)

Is sealant good for car?

Yes, car sealant creates a protective layer on your car and enhances its look by adding gloss and deepness to the color. Above this, car sealants can prevent the appearance of minor swirl marks, water spots, and discoloration of paint from UV lights. Better protection than car sealant can provide only ceramic coating or car wrapping.

Is car sealant better than wax?

Yes, car sealant provides better car paint protection from surrounding hazards than traditional wax. Car sealants have better resistance to acid or alkaline than traditional waxes which allows them to stay on car paint longer. Above this, sealants have better protection against UV rays and dirt.

How long does car sealant last?

The majority of car sealant manufacturers state that their sealants last up to 12 months, but in reality, the average longevity of car sealants is 6 months. You always can prolong the lifespan of your sealant by following all manufacturer’s recommendations for the application and maintenance processes of sealant.

Can I wax over the sealant?

Yes, you can wax over the sealant. Car sealants provide better car paint protection and last longer than traditional car waxes. While car waxes can provide better hydrophobic and gloss effects than sealants, so often car sealants are used as a base paint protection layer and then getting covered with traditional waxes. This way of application will give you better paint protection, gloss, and hydrophobic properties, and will allow the sealant to last 12 months or even longer. You can find the best car wax in our recent post by clicking on the highlighted text.


Protection of your car with traditional wax, or sealant is up to you, but if you need something so easy-to-apply, and long-lasting, car sealant is the best choice. In areas with intense sunlight, it will prevent car paint fading and discoloration, in areas with intense snow or rain it will prevent water spots, acid and alkaline destruction of paint, and will make car washing faster and easier.

You may notice that spray sealants are way cheaper than gel/paste sealants, and you may think that by choosing spray you will save some money without missing in quality. In my opinion, gel/paste sealants last longer than spray sealants. Of course, I’m sure that you know a guy who applied spray sealant 5 years ago and it still protecting his car, but let’s be serious, spray sealants will not provide the same level of protection for as long as gel/paste sealants.

You can use spray sealants for high-quality protection for around 3 months, or to use them as boosters to previously applied gel/paste sealants. It will help you to keep sealant protection for 12+ months on your car. Also, you can use ceramic spray waxes as a booster for your sealant.

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