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Best Alloy Wheel Cleaning Brush Set

Cleaning wheels with the best alloy wheel cleaning brush will improve the effectiveness of the wheel cleaner you use and will allow you to make a proper removal of old brake dust and hard contaminants from the road surface. You can check our guide for proper wheel cleaning.

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Choosing the correct brush is an important thing. A wrong brush can be too stiff that may scratch your wheel’s surface without removing all dirt. Unfortunately, car care companies offer their wheel brush sets for unreasonably high prices, so we need to find a way out.

To avoid such problems, and not spend all your money on wheel brushes, I will share my brush set, which I use all the time, on every car I detail. Also, I will add extra options that you can pick for various situations, and don’t forget to pick the best wheel cleaner to achieve superior results!

Best Rim Brush

Chemical Guys Wheelie All Exterior Surface and Wheel Brushes

The first and the main brush in my arsenal is a Wheelie, the green one. I choose it cause you can gently, easily, and fast remove all the dirt from your wheels, inner fenders, and undercarriages. Above this, you can use it for outside plastic and even clean under the hood. This brush replaces us wheel arch brush as well.

While I was using it, it showed itself very well. It weighs and feels solid, so it’s not bending or slipping while you use it. It has amazingly soft bristles. I caught myself on thought when I first opened the box with the new Wheelie that it’s even softer than my toothbrush. You don’t need to worry that it will scratch your wheels.

Note: if you don’t have a very low car and want to clean wheel arches, I recommend taking a Long Handle Body/Wheel Brush. It’s the same as a Wheelie but with a longer handle. Cleaning undercarriages and wheel arches will be simpler, and you will not get so dirty as with Wheelie, but it will take more space from your trunk. So it’s you to decide what is more important. As well, nobody stops you from having two wheels brushes.

Best Tire Cleaning Brush

best tire cleaning brush

Of course, Wheelie also can clean tires but let’s be honest, it’s too soft to make tires clean. For this purpose, we need a stiffer brush. The best brush for tires I found and tested is from Aliexpress, so this option will save you some money without losing in quality. You can spray tire cleaner and scrub your tires effectively using this brush. And don’t forget to apply the best tire shine after cleaning your tires!

Compared to what I tried, this brush is the most comfortable and solid to work with. You can check the price of this tire cleaning brush by clicking on the highlighted text.

Extra tip: also you can use this brush for cleaning interior carpets. So it will be a good idea to order two.

Best Wheel Spoke Brush

best wheel spoke cleaning brush

To complete our wheel cleaning set, we are adding another money saver from Aliexpress, Wheel Spoke Brush.

After you washed the outside of your rims, tires, and wheel arches, you might be thinking you are done. Until you will take a look through your rim’s spokes, and will find a lot of dirt and brake dust sitting on the inside of your rim. That is why you need this brush to make your wheels look totally new and clean.

Pick the size of the brush based on your wheel’s spokes and the size of your rims so the brush will fit and you will be able to reach the inner of your rim. The biggest one will fit the majority. As well, you can bend these brushes and clean the inner side of the spokes. Buying it from Aliexpress will save you around $20 compared to sets of inner brushes that you can buy locally.

You can check the price of this wheel spoke brush by clicking on the highlighted text.

Conclusion. Best Alloy Wheel Cleaning Brush

Owning the best alloy wheel cleaning brush set does not always mean spending a lot of money! You always can find alternatives that will provide you with safe and effective wheel cleaning without spending a lot. However, avoid using brushes that are not designed for automotive use, as they can scratch the surface, or be not chemical resistant.

Get your wheel cleaning set ready, and make your wheels look factory new! After deep cleaning your wheels and tires, complete your car’s look by applying tire shine!

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