Best Water Repellent for Windshield

Best Water Repellent for Windshield 2024

For driving our cars safely, we should pay attention to many various things, but one thing that often gets ignored is windshield clarity. We already discussed how to clean car windshield, but sometimes even cleaning car glass is not enough. For example, during heavy rains even clean windshield cannot give us 100% clarity. To improve the clarity of car glass, we should use the best Water Repellent for Windshield.

In this post, we will find out what is water repellent, how to apply it, what are the best glass coatings for cars, and the best anti-rain solution from AliExpress.

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What is Water Repellent for Windshield?

Water Repellent is a polymer or ceramic-based coating developed to create a hydrophobic layer and clarity during rain for windshield or car glass. High-quality car glass coatings allow you not to use windshield wipers at a higher speed during rain, as all the raindrops are blown away.

As well water repellents protect car glass from contamination and water spots, which lets you keep your windshield clean for a longer time!

How to apply Water Repellent Step-by-Step

Proper application is crucial for water repellents, as it affects how well they will work and how long they will last. The most important part is cleaning the glass before the application of glass coating, never skip it, especially if you are looking to apply some long-lasting products. They will bond to your windshield, and all the contaminants and water spots will stay between your glass and glass coating!

1. Clean your Windshield

Make a simple clean-up of your windshield, using high-quality car glass cleaner, and a clean car glass towel.

2. Decontamination

Here you have 2 options:

  1. Some water-repellent coating manufacturers have specialized polishing compounds or abrasive cleaners that you should use before applying glass coating. Use them, and remove all contaminations following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. If you don’t have specialized cleaners, you should remove contaminants with a clay bar. Before application remove all remaining silicone.

3. Water Repellent application

After you remove all silicone, following the manufacturer’s instructions apply glass coating for cars. Usually, you need to cover the glass with circular or linear passes, overlapping each pass. Then give the required time for a coating to bond, and remove the excess with a wet (with some coatings dry) microfiber towel.

After application, it’s better to avoid washing your windshield for several days until the coating will bond completely.

Best Water Repellent for Windshield

Soft99 Ultra Glaco

soft99 Best Water Repellent for Windshield

It is a popular water repellent from a Japanese company Soft99. They have different options for glass hydrophobic coatings, but this one is the longest-lasting. It creates a water-repellent coating that starts blowing away raindrops at 28 mph (45 km/h), and I totally confirm it as I was testing it on my car. Regarding hydrophobic properties and clarity, it works amazingly, but I cannot confirm 6 months long-lasting. In my case, I was reapplying it every 3 months, but I need to mention that I was using self-service car washes, which use alkaline shampoos, so it decrease long lasting of this coating. I believe if you will use pH-neutral shampoos they can last longer!

Meguiar’s Glass Sealant

Meguiar's Best Water Repellent for Windshield

Meguiars Glass Sealant is another glass coating I use on my car. I got it in a kit with Meguiar’s Glass Polishing Compound, and compared to Soft99, it starts blowing away raindrops at 31 mph (50 km/h), but it lasts longer. Even though I was using a self-service car wash it lasts around 4-5 months, but hydrophobic properties are getting worse over time. Altogether, it is a high-quality glass sealant, which is not available on the official Meguiars website or Amazon in the US as it was discontinued, but you still can find it easily all over the world or as a leftover in local stores. So if you will find one, grab one for sure!

Aquapel Glass Treatment

aquapel Best Water Repellent for Windshield

Aquapel is a company that specializes in glass treatment, and I’m not surprised that they created a high-quality water repellent for windshields. Based on many reviews it lasts around 4-6 months. Also, Aquapel is a popular choice among professional detailers.

Gtechniq G1 and G5 Water Repellent

Gtechniq creates an improved system for car glass coating, where you can properly remove contaminations and protect your windshield.

G1 is a long-lasting coating, that uses chemical bonds with glass and can last 20,000 miles (32,000 km) based on Gtechniq. It depends on what mileage you drive during the year, but if you will use pH-neutral shampoos to wash your car, I believe that this coating will last 12 months.

G5 is another coating from Gtechniq, that last around 3 months, but it has better hydrophobic properties than G1. Above this, G1 is working only with glass, while G5 allows you even to add coating to your headlights!

Chemical Guys HydroView

Best Water Repellent for Windshield

HydroView is an all-in-one system that cleans and protects your glass. It uses ceramic polymers, that are well-known for its hydrophobic properties. Do not expect long-lasting from this product. Its main feature is the ease of use. All you need is to spray it on your windshield and wipe it off. With this product, you will reapply to coat every time you clean your windshield, so for those who love to clean their windshield often, it’s a good option as you will not even notice that you apply glass coating but will always have it on your windshield!

Best Water Repellent AliExpress Alternatives

DPRO Glass Hydrophobic Coating

What I like about this product is that they also offer a kit, with a glass polish cleaner, application pad, and glass towel so you can apply glass hydrophobic as you should. Based on the reviews this glass coating lasts 1-2 months and starts blowing away raindrops at 45 mph (72 km/h).

Check the price of DPRO Glass Hydrophobic Coating by clicking on the highlighted text.

HGKJ Glass Hydrophobic Coating

Easy-to-use spray form, and has various bottle size options uptown 300 ml. It will allow you to spray all glass in your car and even at home. Based on the reviews it creates hydrophobic properties on glass and headlights. To keep hydrophobic properties for a longer time you should reapply it often (every car wash) to keep.

Check the price of HGKJ Glass Hydrophobic Coating by clicking on the highlighted text.

DetailingKing V8S Car Glass Anti-Rain Coating

It is a comparable new detailing brand on AliExpress, but they are trying to create high-quality products for car care. The good thing is that you receive a (8.2 oz) 250 ml bottle of product which is enough for protecting all car glass several times, also they give you a nice quality 80/20 microfiber glass towel. Based on seller info, this coating also protects from UV light and dust.

Check the price of Detailing King Glass Anti-Rain Coating by clicking on the highlighted text.


Best Water Repellent for Windshield is a must-have for people who often drive in rainy weather. It helps you to have a clear view while driving even in heavy rains, which makes your driving much safer!

However, some drivers can get distracted from driving by paying too much attention to how raindrops are getting blown away during driving, which can lead to car accidents. This is the reason, why for example Sonax doesn’t sell repellents for windshields. So if you are one of those drivers who can get distracted on watching raindrops, avoid any glass coatings!

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