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Best Way to Clean Windshield

A clear view while you are driving is crucial, and achieving it without the best way to clean windshield can be challenging. You want to recognize a danger on the road far away from you, sometimes even before this danger appears.

Windshield haze, water spots, and streaks can become an unbreakable barrier for you to recognize a pedestrian who decided to cross the road in a prohibited place at night in dark clothes. As well, faded headlights can make things at night even worse, so don’t forget to restore car headlights!

Driving at night with a dirty windshield means that every oncoming car will dazzle you. Daylight is not going to help you see clearly with windshield haze. All these can be caused by wrong windshield cleaning.

Alright, we know that driving with stains on a windshield is uncomfortable and extremely dangerous, but what should we do with it?

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The first thing to do is find out why your windshield is not clear.

Main reasons:

  1. Cleaning only outside of your windshield.
  2. Using one microfiber towel for everything (spreading the cleaner, removing dirt, drying, and buffing the windshield).
  3. Not removing scratches and swirls from your windshield.
  4. Using household chemicals.
  5. Not removing water spots.
  6. Not using glass sealants.

Best Way to Clean Windscreen Inside

Not an easy job to do, especially if your windshield is narrow-angled. To make this job easier you can buy a microfiber cloth pad with a long handle, so you will easily reach even the deepest places of your windshield.

Best Way to Clean Windscreen Inside

Despite the hardness of reaching all the sides of your windshield, the cleaning process is pretty simple:

  1. Spray high-quality glass cleaner on a clean microfiber towel. 
  2. Spread the product over the inner side of the windshield and pick all the dirt and oils with microfiber. 
  3. Buff the glass to its shine with new and dry microfiber. 

Best car glass cleaners you can pick from our recommended list.

How many microfiber towels do you need to clean car glass?

The quick answer is a lot, and the more you have, the better result will be. But let’s be realistic, you cannot spend all your salary on microfiber towels even if you want to, your wife won’t let you.

best way to clean windshield

So what is the minimum you need to make the windshield clean again?

  1. One is for removing the first layer of dirt, sand, and dust from the outside. You can fold it to remove the glass cleaner after a second appliance as well.
  2. The second one is for drying and buffing the windshield outside.
  3. The third is for spreading and removing cleaner inside.
  4. The fourth is for drying and buffing the windshield inside.

So we need at least 4 to keep our windshield clean and don’t mix your towels even while you are washing them. Oils and dirt from the 1st and the 3rd towel will get on the 2nd and 4th ones which will make drying and buffing less effective. 

Our list of best car glass towels for 2023.

How to remove scratches and swirls from a car windshield?

Let’s divide it into two parts depending on deepness and quantity of scratches. 

remove scratches from glass

1. How to deal with minor scratches, dents, and swirls on glass? 

If the scratches you have are not deep, but they distract you from driving, use specialized amateur products from car care brands. They have 2-3 step cleaners and scratch remover that will resolve this problem by hand without a high risk of damaging your windshield.

2. How to deal with deep scratches, dents, and swirls on glass?

Very simple, visit a professional detailing center experienced in polishing and restoring car windshields. DO NOT even try to remove swirls with a polishing machine by yourself if you are not a professional detailer. Not every detailer will agree to polish the windshield cause heavy abrasive polishing may damage it and create kind of a lens effect that will make driving the car even more dangerous.

What household chemicals you can use to clean windshield?

NONE! Do not use chemicals on your cars created for cleaning your homes. Your car windshield and windows in your house have completely different working conditions, except if you live in a motorhome. Household cleaning products are not created to remove oils, iron, road dirt, and grime that you collect on your car windshield every day. Spend extra 10 dollars and get yourself a high-quality glass cleaner that will do its job 100%.

How to remove water spots from car glass and windshield?

best way to clean windshield

Stop spending time and money on looking for homemade mixtures or unusual ways to remove water spots. Every good car care brand has its own water spot remover that works perfectly on glass, windshield, and car paint. Buy it on time and forget about such problems as water spots.

Should you use glass sealants?

The only reason you shouldn’t use windshield water repellents is if water drops flying off your windshield during rain distract you from driving. This is In all other cases, it will make your life easier.

glass sealant

Benefits of glass sealants: 

  1. Making the view clear during rain.
  2. Protecting your windshield from minor scratches and swirls (extremely important if you polish your windshield).
  3. Protecting your windshield from dirt, oils, and water spots. 


Car windshield cleaning is crucial for every driver. It improves safety while you are driving. Achieving windshield clarity is simple. As we discussed, you should use high-quality glass cleaners and microfiber towels and protect the windshield with glass sealants. Don’t forget to use our bits of advice in removing scratches from car windshields because they also affect windshield clarity.

Now you know all secrets for cleaning a car’s windshield, go to your vehicle and apply them all to make your windshield crystal clear!

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