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Best Way to Clean Wheels Safe and Effective

Some car owners are not paying attention to wheels cleaning and washing them with the rest of the car using car body shampoos, but is it enough? Wheels are the dirtiest part of your car, and to take care of them only with car wash soap is not enough. Wheels and rims collect: iron from brake pads, aggressive chemicals from the roads, and dirt, and the quantity of this grime is gigantic compared to what your car body collects. To resolve such a problem, you should use the Best Way to Clean Wheels, which I’m going to share with you here!

That is why we need to spend more time detailing our wheels before washing the car!

Best Way to Clean Wheels STEP-BY-STEP

1. Apply wheel cleaner with iron remover

wheels cleaning
wheels cleaning

After washing your car only with car shampoo, you might see a black film covering your wheels which you cannot remove even with a high-pressure washer. It is dust from your brake pads and a bunch of iron contaminants that will be gone after using an iron remover or a wheel cleaner that can remove brake dust effectively. Use such wheel cleaners before washing your car to keep your wheels clean and protect your rims from early destruction and corrosion.

Check our list of the best wheel cleaners.

2. Use tire and rims brushes for wheels cleaning

washing wheels with brush
washing wheels with brush

To help your wheel cleaner remove contaminants, use a soft bristle brush on your wheels. For tires, use a hard-bristle brush and the best tire cleaner to remove all dirt and make your tires look like new. Do not use one brush for everything. A soft brush will not remove any deep contaminants from tires, and a hard-bristle brush can scratch your rims.

Best wheel brushes set to make a deep clean of your wheels.

3. Protect your wheels with tire shine and wheel wax coatings

tire shine on blue car
tire shine on blue car

Cleaning your wheels is significant, but we also need to think about avoiding and protecting wheels from all the dirt. To achieve these goals, use tire shine to create a hydrophobic layer on your tires that will add shine, protect from UV light and decrease the amount of dirt catching on your tires. The same way is working wheel wax, but on rims, it builds to hold in much heavier conditions than car body wax, so using wheel wax gives you longer results in rims protection.

We summarize everything you need for proper tire shine application.

4. Wheels cleaning from the inside at least two times a year

Wheels are getting dirty from the inside as well, but due to the hardness of reaching this side, some people forget to take care of it. Once in summer and winter, take off your wheels and clean them well with brushes and a wheel cleaner. Don’t forget to protect them in the same way as you do with the front side.

Why Clean Wheels Matter for Your Car’s Overall Look

Clean wheels are an essential part of a well-maintained car. They are one of the most noticeable parts of your vehicle, and their dull appearance can significantly impact your car’s overall look. Dirty or rusty wheels can make even a freshly detailed new car look unattractive.

On the other hand, clean and shiny wheels can give your vehicle an entirely new look and enhance its appearance. So maybe you don’t need new and larger wheels. All you need is to clean your old wheels thoroughly.

In addition, wheel cleaning is not just about appearance improvements. Cleaning your wheels is also essential for the long-term health of your car. Wheels are exposed to a lot of dirt, harsh road chemicals, and brake dust, which can accumulate and cause corrosion and damage to your wheels over time.

Regular cleaning helps prevent these buildups and keeps your wheels looking new and well-maintained. Your tires work in the same tough conditions, and without proper cleaning and protection, they may last shorter.

Moreover, wheels and tires are expensive components of your car, and keeping them in perfect condition is crucial for keeping the car’s overall value. Regular thorough cleaning and protecting your wheels can help prolong their lifespan and save you from costly repairs or replacements in the long run.

Conclusion. Best Way to Clean Wheels

Taking care of your wheels will make your tires and rims look better and last longer. When we talk about car care or detailing, it’s not about cleaning your car once a year. Clean wheels tell a lot about the car owner, and how he cares about his car as much, as a clean engine bay! It’s more about taking care of your vehicle consistently, so find some time on the weekends to clean your wheels and enjoy the fresh look of your car during the whole week. Repeat the same next weekend!

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