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What is Quick Detailer? Unveiling All Secrets

Quick Detailer is a car care product that should be in every car guy detailing arsenal. You can find it in our list of the best car care products for beginners! People, who are aware of car detailing skip this product only because they don’t know what is Quick Detailer, all the use cases for it, and missing a lot.

Let’s find out what Quick Detailer is and how you can use it. To check our list of the best quick detailers click on the highlighted text. 

What is Quick Detailer Spray?

What is Quick Detailer

Quick Detailer is a mix of degreaser, lubricant, and wax. That is why it’s a unique product that can solve specific problems. If you will use a degreaser to clean dirt from your car, it will remove wax coating and will not protect the paint from scratches. The purpose of this product is to remove contaminants between car washes without damaging your car.

How to use Quick Detailer?

You can find hundreds of ways to use this product in its descriptions or on the internet. I want to show you four main ways how you will use Detailer Spray in the real world that will be useful for every driver.

1. Remove bird poop

Quick Detailers are designed to remove dirt, fingerprints, and streaks. In reality, you have to remove dirt from a car with a microfiber towel rarely. If the car surface has a lot of dirt or dust, go to a car wash. If it’s minor, you will not even notice it. Fingerprints on paint are a problem of dark cars. But as an owner of the dark color car, I can confirm that not so many people will touch your car paint. So you don’t need to be afraid of it.

What is prior for every car owner, and what happens often, is a bird poo. Such problems appear every time you wash your car and in the most unexpected moments. If you don’t remove bird poo on your car paint till the next car wash, it can ruin car paint and leave marks. Here you will use Quick Detailer to remove it as soon as possible. If you already have such marks on the paint, check our post with the best way to remove bird poop stain from car.

2. Drying Aid

drying towel
Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth

The only way to scratch your car or leave swirls on it is by contact. That is why even with a premium microfiber drying towel, you can scratch your car. A high-quality towel will not leave scratches on your car paint, but if it’s not as clean as new, small sand grains or dust on your towel can scratch it. Also, when you wash your car, you can miss some spots and leave dirt that can damage car paint while drying.

That is why you can use Quick Detailer as a dry aid. Spray it on a wet car before drying and wipe it off with a clean towel. Lubricants and waxes in Quick Detailer will protect your paint from damage.

If you don’t have a proper towel, check out the list of the best drying towels.

3. Remove dirt from the inner side of car doors

When you use a self-service car wash, it can be problematic to rinse the inner side of doors, so many people clean them when drying a car.

Spray Quick Detailer on these areas before wiping them off to protect the paint from swirls and leave a thin layer of protection on it.

4. As a clay bar lubricant

Meguiar's quick detailer 1

First time I saw this use case with Meguiar’s Quick Mist and Wipe Detailer, so I will give an example using this product. This product will lubricate the paint surface for the clay bar as well, and it has in its compound a lot of isopropyl alcohol that will help the clay bar to remove contaminants. After wiping off the product and drying the surface, you can apply waxes straight away.

Does Quick Detailer cause scratches?

No, every high-quality product will lubricate the surface which will not let small sand grains contact the car surface and leave scratches and swirls. The reason to use Quick Detailer is to minimize the risks of leaving scratches while removing stains or dirt from your car. Be sure to use clean microfiber and not apply extra pressure to your microfiber towel. In this case, Quick Detailer will minimize scratches to a minimum.

Will Quick Detailer remove the wax?

No, Quick Detailers compounds include waxes that allow you to work even on coated cars. Some car care brands have special Quick Detailers for specific wax coatings with Ceramic, Synthetic, or Graphene technologies. If you are using wax on your car, check the official website of your wax brand, they might have a Quick Detailer specific to your wax.


Those who don’t love their cars and don’t care about car condition think that Quick Detailers is a waste of money. If you love your car and want to keep it clean without scratches and paint damage, Quick Detailer is a must-have in your everyday detailing arsenal.

For those who love their cars but can’t spend so much on detailing products, here is a money-saving tip. You can make your own Quick Detailer by diluting Rinseless wash! To find the best Rinseless Car Wash and proper dilution ratios, click on the highlighted text.

It will help you to remove bird poop, dry your car, remove dirt from hard-reachable spots without scratches, and not remove the wax coating.

Now you know what is Quick Detailer and when to use it, now it’s time to learn more about Interior Quick Detailer!

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