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Best Interior Detailer

In this list, I want to share with you the best interior detailer. These products are not for deep cleaning of a car interior. If you have a dirty interior check out our guide to make a deep cleaning of a car interior.

Products on this list are for weekly interior maintenance, including all interior surfaces. Focus ideas of interior detailers are collecting dust, removing light contaminants, UV protection, and antistatic effects.

Use this product on all interior surfaces: plastic, vinyl, dashboards, door panels, and LCD screens. For leather or fabric, better use specialized products like leather cleaner, leather conditioner, and car upholstery cleaner even if the interior detailer states it can work with these materials.

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Total Interior Cleaners vs Interior Quick Detailers

You can find both of these products in popular detailing brands’ lineups. Both of these products are for maintaining clean up and protecting interiors. In my opinion, these products are the same, and the difference is not dramatic, so mainly it’s marketing.

You don’t need a total interior cleaner and interior detailer – one will be enough. In proportion, I would say the total-interior cleaners are 60/40 – cleaner/protector, and interior detailers are 60/40 – protector/cleaner.

Knowing that both products are not suitable for proper deep cleaning of the interior, let’s concentrate on protection. These products are for collecting dust and protecting.

So when a car care company has a total interior cleaner and interior detailer, better choose an interior detailer.

Best interior detailer 2024

Chemical Guys INNER CLEAN

best interior detailer

This product has anti-static agents for collecting and preventing dust way more effectively. It creates a natural shine on interior trim. Use it on every interior surface, including LCD screens and vinyl.

This product makes weekly interior detailing in one wipe-off. It doesn’t leave dust stains and protects the surface from UV lights.

Bottle Size

4 oz (118 ml) / 16 oz (473 ml) / 1 Gallon (3.78 Litres)


Adam’s Interior Detailer

best interior detailer

This product has every described feature for interior detailers, such as UV light protection, effective dust removal, anti-static agents, and natural surface shine.

It has plenty of scents on all tastes, such as cedar wood, eucalyptus, sweet pea, sweet almond, cucumber aloe, and pineapple orchid. 

    Bottle Size

    16 oz (473 ml) / 1 Gallon (3.78 Litres)


    Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer

    Perfect for those who are looking for a satin finish. This interior detailer creates UV lights protection layer. It removes dirt without greasy residue. You can use it on LCD screens.

    Bottle Size

    15.2 oz (443 ml)


    CARPRO InnerQD

    best interior detailer

    Inner QD is a detailer with antimicrobial and antistatic effects. It creates a dry-to-touch satin finish. The product has a fresh scent. QD prevents dust accumulation.

    It has light UV protection, so don’t use it as standalone protection from UV lights.

    Bottle Size

    17 oz (500 ml) / 34 oz (1 Liter) / 1 Gallon (3.78 Litres)



    If somebody still believes in miracles, despite these products being for cleaning and protecting the interior, they are not for deep cleaning of the car interior or the best car interior dressing. These products are for weekly maintaining interior surfaces that were previously deep cleaned and protected with specialized protectants.

    As a quick detailer for the exterior, keep your interior detailers in the trunk for quick cleaning of your interior once you get a chance. Every interior detailer on our list will make it properly, so pick one based on scent preferences or on the finish you prefer, satin or natural shine.

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