Best Ceramic Spray Wax You’ll Want to Own

Ceramic Spray Wax becoming a more and more popular tool in car detailing, and it’s not surprising. It is much easier and faster to apply and work with than with traditional car waxes, and you don’t need to be a professional detailer to use them. That is why every car care company wants the best ceramic spray wax in their detailing lineup, but what are the best available options you can buy now, and if they can replace regular waxes?

What is Ceramic Spray Wax?

ceramic spray wax

Ceramic spray wax is a protecting coating for your car paint, the same as liquid and hard wax but in a different form factor. Usually spray waxes last less than hard waxes but with modern ceramic technology, they reach the level of hard and liquid waxes.

Spray waxes cover minor swirls and scratches. They have amazing hydrophobic characteristics and protect from UV light. High-quality waxes boost your car’s shine and make the car paint color look deeper.

Why should you use Ceramic Spray Wax?

Ceramic waxes are the evolution of carnauba and synthetic waxes that has improved hydrophobic and shine effect. Also, they last longer than regular waxes. Ceramic Spray Waxes were originally made to keep your liquid or hard ceramic wax coating last longer. When you apply ceramic wax, in several weeks hydrophobic and shine effects can decrease, so you can use ceramic spray wax to boost these effects after a car wash. New Ceramic Spray Waxes can be used independently. Also, Spray Waxes themselves made wax application easier and much faster. So if you are looking for such improvements and ready to pay a bit more, you should use them.

When to use Ceramic Spray Wax?

Modern spray waxes can be a main protection layer for your car paint. If spray wax is the only coating you have on your car, apply it at least once a month to keep the same hydrophobic and shiny effects.

The best use scenario for Ceramic Spray Wax is a booster to previously coated ceramic wax. It will make it last longer and keep all benefits of this wax during the lasting period of your wax.

How to use Best Ceramic Spray Wax for cars?

car wash with sponge

1 use-way as a standalone protection coating

The application process of spray waxes is way easier than hard and liquid waxes. For the majority of spray waxes, it goes in 3 simple steps:

  1. Wash your car
  2. Apply wax on the wet car body
  3. Rinse it off

Don’t forget that spray wax is just a different form of usual waxes, so to achieve wanted results you need to make a deep clean of your car, before applying them to your car.

2 use-way as a wax coating booster

The second way of using ceramic spray waxes I find more realistic and effective. You can use them as a booster of your previously applied ceramic or synthetic wax coating. You can apply liquid or hard wax coating that can last one year, but in one month it will lose its original hydrophobic effect and it’s shine. So you will apply ceramic spray wax to recover the lost effects of your hard wax and improve the car’s protective coating.

The way of the appliance is the same as with 1 use-way.

Best Ceramic Spray Wax


Chemical Guys best Ceramic Spray Wax

This wax was launched in 2019 and made an insane boost in the Chemical Guys wax lineup, bringing them a sweet spot of car care companies with Ceramic technology. Amazing hydrophobic and shine effects that can be easily sprayed on your car surface after a car wash.

Based on Chemical Guys’ claims, protection can last up to 12 months. As for a standalone spray coating, one-year of long-lasting is insane, but to be realistic and count different weather conditions and car-use scenarios, even if it will last 2-3 months, it will be a great result for a spray coating.


$39.99 for 16oz (473ml)

Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating™ Advanced

Adam's best Ceramic Spray Wax

It is the best Spray Coating in Adam’s Polishes wax lineup with advanced Graphene Ceramic technology. With this technology, the coating should last longer than regular ceramic coatings and have better contaminant resistance. In this Spray Wax, you have patent-pending UV Tracer Technology™ that helps you to see where graphene coating is applied under a UV flashlight.

It can be applied on all exterior car surfaces and, based on Adam’s Polishes, lasts 12-18 months.


$42.99 for 12oz (355ml)

Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax

Meguiar's best Ceramic Spray Wax

Must be the most affordable high-quality Ceramic Spray Waxes that increase hydrophobic and shine levels of Meguiar’s. This wax can be used as a standalone product or as a booster to the main ceramic wax coating. Compared to regular waxes has better water-repellent characteristics and an improved shine effect.

It lasts not as long as spray wax from Adam’s or Chemical Guys, but considering the price difference and how easy to apply spray waxes, we can add Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax to the best spray wax lists.


$19.99 for 26oz (768ml)

Ceramic Coating and Ceramic Spray Waxes are the same?

Ceramic Spray Wax

No, it’s two different things. Car care companies want you to think so but ceramic coating is not a spray wax. Professional ceramic coating is applied in a different way and creates a hard thin layer of protection on your car paint that lasts 2 years and more. Ceramic Spay Waxes create a soft layer of protection that boosts the hydrophobic effect and UV protection of the car surface for a maximum of 1 year in real-life exploitation.

Ceramic Spray Wax vs Ceramic Detailer. What is the difference?

Ceramic Spray Wax

Spray Wax is the main coating on your car that reflects dirt, water, and surrounding contaminants. Ceramic Detailer is a Quick Detailer that help you to maintain your main coating after it was applied. For example, you applied Spray Wax and the next day, you see a bird poo on your hood. In this case, you spray a Ceramic Detailer on this contamination and wipe it off with a clean microfiber towel. It will remove the dirt safe for car paint, without leaving scratches and swirls, and recover wax protection of previously applied Spray Wax.

Conclusion. Best Ceramic Spray Wax

I am a bit skeptical about spray waxes. I don’t expect magic from them. When you read a description of some car waxes, you might think they will protect your car paint, even from some crazy parking neighbor who will scratch your car with a nail for what he finds as wrong parking.

I use the best ceramic spray wax on my car every time I wash it. Since I discovered this product, it become an additional booster to my wax coatings. Use them for boosting liquid or hard wax on your car. In this case, it will show you the maximum it can. I don’t recommend using it as a standalone product cause, for me, it doesn’t show enough protection features as liquid or hard waxes. I believe we are using wax coatings prior for protection, not just for hydrophobic effects.

Spray coatings are beautiful, but do you think if you spray wax on your car once, you will have the same dirt protection, shine, and hydrophobic effect in 15 months?

The best way to use them is as a booster to ceramic wax. If you want to keep all the positive effects of ceramic wax coating as it was straight after application, apply Spray Wax after every car wash.

That is why, for me, the best option is Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax. Meguiar’s doesn’t claim it to be 2-year-lasting wax. This wax is made to be maintained. I will not think I’m over-spraying my car using it every car wash.

I don’t say that other, more expensive waxes will not last as long as claimed. For me, it’s more honest to say that you need to maintain such coatings every week, two weeks, or month than to make me think that I can apply it once in 2 years.

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