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Do this to Restore Black Plastic on car instead of buying new

When you look at a 10-year-old car with good paint condition, it still looks old, but what causes this? If we exclude design preferences, the factor that makes old cars look old is tiny details. These exterior details are faded plastic trim. And in this post, we will show an easy and effective way to restore black plastic on car.

Why car exterior trim is getting faded?

1. UV light

UV lights

Direct sunlight is harmful to cars. It can cause fading, discoloration, and cracks. UV lights can even harm even a clear coat on your car and make you restore faded car paint, imagine what it can do to unpainted plastic.

2. Road Chemicals


These chemicals are built to melt snow and to make driving winter roads safe, but they are also destroying your car’s plastic. So it’s crucial to use plastic restorers during your winter car prep.

As well, using Acid shampoo, or Snow Foam improperly can cause black plastic to fade. For example, wrong dilution ratios can be harmful, so always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Physical impact

black bumper scratch

When you accidentally touch another car with your bumper or scratch it somewhere, all these lead to the appearance of micro-cracks in the car’s exterior trim. That makes way for water and chemicals to destroy your trim from the inside. Sand and small rocks are impacting the condition of unpainted plastic as well.

Why care and restore black plastic on car?

restore black plastic on car

Cars are not running faster whenever you have faded or new exterior plastic.

The main reason to take care of car trim is to restore and protect it. Even with new cars, detailing car trim will make them look shiny and prolong the exterior plastic fresh look.

You can buy new plastic trim, but it is more expensive than restoring or consistent care of it. For some car models, exterior plastic can cost like gold, and some are not available for purchase.

Two easy steps to restore black plastic on car

1. Clean plastic trim with a brush

restore black plastic on car

Spray all-purpose cleaner on unpainted plastic, spread it, and clean it with a brush. Wipe off the residue with a microfiber towel.

2. Apply trim detailer

restore black plastic on car

Apply trim detailer on the applicator and spread it on the exterior trim. Leave it for 5 minutes and buff off the residue adding shine to your car plastic.

What car care products to use to restore black plastic on car?

Find more about car plastic restorers in our article.


When you restore black plastic on car, you get the results you want fast. Spending additional 2 minutes after drying your car will make it look at least five years younger, like your face balm, but it makes car trim look new. Even if you are not preparing your car for a car show, every morning when you pick up your car to go to work, you will be happy to see that something has changed in your car in a better way and this is something made by you in such an easy way!

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