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Best exterior Car Plastic Restorer 2024

Previously we discussed how and why you should take care of exterior trim and restore plastic. Now we will concentrate on which plastic restorer is better to choose and what is the best plastic restorer in 2024!

You can find our step-by-step guide to restore exterior plastic.

Let’s find out the best car care products to detail and restore exterior car plastic. They will work well with unpainted exterior plastic, not for plastic headlights, to fix them use our detailed guide for DIY Headlight Restoration.

In the past two years, we received updates from car care product manufacturers of trim detailers and plastic restorers with their new technologies: ceramic and graphene coating series. For the 2024 trim detailing rating, we will focus on new products cause these products are what we need to use or at least try out if you never did it before.

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Best Plastic Restorer in 2024

Cerakote Ceramic Trim Coat Kit

best plastic restorer

Long Lasting product. It’s a great analog of Adam’s trim restorer. Based on the manufacturer should last at least 200 washes. Such quantity concerns me, but even if it will hold 100 washes, it’s a brilliant result. I revealed this product for myself after watching a proper test on YouTube that you can check out here. The product tested in the short run but with using gasoline wipe-off as well, and it held as good as Adam’s.

The kit includes application wipes, so even if you are a beginner, for you it will not be hard to apply this ceramic restorer. You can choose the number of vehicles you have to get enough wipes to restore all unpainted plastic on your car’s exterior. Also, you will get two pairs of gloves which is an important safety step.

Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer

best plastic restorer

Meguiar’s has popular trim detailing products like Ultimate Black and Gold Class trim Detailer. Last year they presented an improved version of trim restorer with SiO2 technology, a ceramic coating that you can easily apply by hand. You can use it as well for restoring plastic after engine bay cleaning!

Based on my own experience and many different reviews of this product, I see such improvements:

  1. The product gives a natural shine to plastic.
  2. You can apply it in 2-3 layers for better effect.
  3. Dressing lasts longer than a classic Gold Class trim Detailer.
  4. Improved hydrophobic effect.

You receive 16 oz (473 ml) of a product, which is more expensive than Ultimate Black plastic restorer. Gold Class trim detailer is removed from Meguiar’s official website, but if you find it in local stores, the difference must be more.

Is this overpay worth it? I would say yes, you will not need to reapply it every second car wash to see at least some effect, and overpay is not so huge. If you are a huge fan of the classic trim detailer series, you don’t need to throw away all your Gold Class or Ultimate Black restorers but consider trying something new to get a better experience detailing your car’s trim.

Gtechniq – C4 Permanent Trim Restorer

Long-lasting product of our rating. It was built to last 2+ plus years based on manufacturer explanations. It is a ceramic coating for exterior trim with black and faded plastic color restorer. I would recommend it to those who tried to apply some coatings before. If it’s just your first try, use some classic trim restorers to see how it’s working, and then move to this option.

Based on tests I saw, it lasts long. In the short run testing coating was holding even after wiping it off with gasoline. It means it’s chemical resistant and has a chance to last on a car trim for 2+ years.

The product is more expensive than competitors. You don’t need to apply it every two weeks, which saves you time and product use.

Conclusion. Best Plastic Restorer

When choosing which trim detailer to pick, pay attention to the way you take care of your car. If you detail your car twice a week, use ph-neutral shampoos, and love to reapply ceramic spray wax, and other protective coatings, maybe a trim detailer that will hold for two years is not the best. If you take care of your car once a year, you don’t need a dressing that protects it only for one month.

For me, the best plastic restorer is Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic cause I love to take care of my car, and sometimes I do it even too often. The best result, no matter which trim detailer to use, is straight after you apply it. So knowing that I will do the next car wash and apply all the dressings next week, I should use smth like Meguiar’s solution.

If you don’t like to detail your car often and want to restore plastic one time and forget about it, at least for a year, choose between Adam’s and Cerakote.

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