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Best Car Leather Conditioner in 2024

Leather care is an essential part of interior detailing. If you want your car’s leather to be like new as long as possible, you need to clean the car leather and condition it regularly. We already shared with you the best car leather cleaners, so now it’s time to unveil the best car leather conditioner, that will take care of your car with the best detailing products!

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Does car leather need conditioner?

Yes, car leather needs a conditioner, and it should be conditioned regularly. You should use high-quality leather conditioners designed specifically for cars. Using universal leather cleaners, for example for furniture can be suitable for car seats, but when we talk about conditioners, use only car care products.

They are built to protect automotive leather from conditions that your leather sofa will never face inside your house. The biggest concern is UV protection, automotive leather is often exposed to direct sunlight, and car leather conditioners prioritize it, while for furniture leather conditioners UV light protection is not prior.

As well, leather conditioners can protect car leather from such hazards as sunscreen, which can be a real trouble to remove. If you already have such a problem, check our post to find the best ways to remove sunscreen from leather.

What happens if you don’t condition car leather?

If you don’t condition car leather it will dry out, which will cause cracks and overall leather destruction. Without conditioning, car leather will become harsh to the touch, and the impact from UV light will increase. UV lights will cause leather discoloration, cracking, and fading.

Above this, with drying out, car leather will lose its elasticity, which will cause cracking when you sit on leather seats. Also, your leather steering wheel can wear out faster without proper steering wheel care.

How often should car leather be conditioned?

You should condition your car’s leather every time you clean it, which is recommended to do every 3 months. As mentioned before, the more you drive, the more often you should clean and condition your car’s leather. If you see that car leather looks dry, you should clean and condition it, even if the last time you made it was one month ago. Also, in between 3-month cleaning and conditioning, you can use the all-in-one products, that can clean and condition car leather.

Best Car Leather Conditioners

Chemical Guys

It must be the most popular option for car leather on the US market. And it’s not a surprise as Chemical Guys created a well-working, and easy-to-use combo kit for car leather care for a reasonable price. For leather conditioning, they have two options.

Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner

Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner

It is a second step of car leather care, which you should apply after leather cleaning. CG Leather Conditioner moisturizes and protects car leather. It has a pleasant leather scent and leaves a matte/natural shine finish.


Chemical Guys Leather Serum Protectant

Chemical Guys Leather Serum

Based on Chemical Guys it’s a third step of car leather care, which should provide even better moisturizing of car leather, and leave longer and better protection. Previously it was positioned as coating, now it’s just a protectant.


In my opinion, Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner will be enough for regular and high-quality car leather maintenance. The main goal is to clean and condition leather regularly! Protectant Serum is a high-quality product as well, but it is more expensive than regular conditioner, and doesn’t give incredible difference in lasting. You might get better moisturizing with it on old leather, so it’s not a bad idea to test it out once it will be on sale, otherwise choose CG Leather Conditioner.

Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard AB

Gtechniq best car leather conditioner

Based on Gtechniq, all modern car leather should not be moisturized, as it has synthetic fat liquors which do not evaporate. That is the reason why they created a Leather Guard, which does not moisturize your car leather as much but provides superior protection. It protects from abrasion damage, UV rays, dye transfer, and other discoloration. Above this, they added antimicrobial technology that kills 99.9% of bacteria.


In my opinion, knowing how different leather finishes can be, there are low chances for you to recognize if you have veg tanned, chrome tanned, or synthetic tanned leather in your car without making any research. So moisturizing car leather will not make worse, especially on old cars. For brand new cars, such high-quality protector, will be a great option to consider.

KochChemie Leather Star

best car leather conditioner

Leather Star is a beloved Leather Conditioner by many detailing professionals from the German car care company KochChemie. It is a high-quality conditioner that moisturizes car leather, protects it from cracking, and leaves a semi-gloss finish. I believe that the reason why many professional detailers choose this conditioner is its affordability and quality.


Adam’s Polishes

Adam’s Leather Conditioner

Adams Leather Conditioner

It is a high-quality product for conditioning car leather. Adam’s Leather conditioner treats the leather and covers it with SPF 65 UV Protection. It leaves a Satin finish and has a leather scent.


Adam’s Leather Rejuvenator Oil

Adam's Leather Rejuvenator oil

It is a highly moisturizing product that will fit dried or old car leather. It also softens the leather and can help to restore slightly faded leather to its original color.


P&S Leather Treatment

best car leather conditioner

P&S Leather Treatment provides an affordable car leather moisturizer with UV inhibitors. It leaves a long-lasting leather scent and a slightly glossy finish.


Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Conditioner

Meguiar's Leather Conditioner

It is a well-known affordable leather conditioner from Meguiar’s. Gold Class Conditioner will moisturize your leather with aloe and oils and will add some UV protection. It leaves a natural shine after application. For such a price it is a great product, but I put it on the last place of our list only because this product needs renovation. It did not get any updates for too long, and I believe that for such a popular and big company as Meguiar’s, it’s a missed point. Hopefully, we might get some Hybrid Ceramic leather care anytime soon.



The key to prolonging the lifespan of your car’s leather is regular cleaning and conditioning. Of course, the quality of your leather has a great impact on how well car leather will look in 10 years, but without any care, even the best leather will start cracking and wearing out. So the best you can do is just to care about your leather every 3 months to 6 months.

In our best car leather conditioner list we gathered the best products that you can use to care about leather, which means that picking any product out of this list will help you to achieve wanted results. Don’t forget to protect the rest of your interior parts using the best car interior dressing!

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