Best Car Interior Dressing

Best Car Interior Dressing 2024

When we take care of our interior we want it to be clean and last longer, so it will keep its like-new look for as long as possible. Of course, cleaning the car interior is an essential part of the car care routine, but for keeping our interior in mint condition it is crucial to use the best car interior dressing! Car interior dressing improves the overall look and shine of the dashboard and plastic trim, but what is more important it’s protecting our interior from future discoloration and destruction! In this post, we will go through the best interior dressings that you can use for your dashboard, interior plastic, vinyl, and rubber, discuss the proper way to apply them, and answer some frequently asked questions.

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Why do you need to use Best Interior Dressing?

The interiors of our cars are filled with different materials, like plastic, vinyl, leather, faux leather, and many more. All these materials are exposed to direct sunlight, which can lead to fading and discoloration of plastic, cracking of vinyl, and drying out of leather. To prevent such consequences, you should maintain your interior regularly. It includes cleaning interior materials with suitable interior cleaners, and protecting them with the best interior dressings!

Best Car Interior Dressing 2024

Gtechniq C6 Matt Dash AB

Best Car Interior Dressing

It is a superior protectant for vinyl, plastics, and rubberized finishes. C6 Matt Dash protects from UV light and abrasion. Thanks to antimicrobial technology, it kills 99.9% of bacteria on the surface. This product doesn’t add any shine to your dashboard and leaves it matte. Also, it leaves no residue and feels dry to the touch.


Best Car Interior Dressing

PERL is a versatile product that helps you to restore and protect interior and exterior rubber, plastics, vinyl, acrylic, and leather. It creates a hydrophobic and UV protection layer on the surface and restores color deepness. The biggest advantage of PERL is that it has a concentrated formula, which means you can dilute it and have a 5 times bigger volume for interior care. It is the most reasonable choice on our list!

Chemical Guys Silk Shine

Best Car Interior Dressing

It is a versatile water-based dressing, which you can use for interior and exterior vinyl, rubber, and plastic. Silk Shine acts as a UV protectant and leaves a like-new look with Satine shine. The product is dry to the touch and leaves no residue.

Adam’s Leather & Interior Dressing

Adam’s provides an odorless, silicone, and wax-free dressing for  Leather, Plastic, Vinyl, and Non-Porous Interior Surfaces. It creates UV protection and leaves a matte finish. Also, this product moisturizes and conditions the surface. Works well as interior dressing, but for leather better choose a specialized Leather Conditioner, Adam’s also has such an option!

Griot’s Garage Vinyl and Rubber Dressing

Griot’s Garage offers a versatile product that you can use on exterior and interior rubber, plastic, and vinyl. It moisturizes and conditions rubber and vinyl, creating a UV protection layer on all applied surfaces. This dressing leaves a non-slick matte finish which is suitable for dashboard application.

Car Interior Dressing Application Step-by-Step

Best Car Interior Dressing

I often see two mistakes that people make in interior detailing. 1. They are using Interior Dressing without cleaning the dashboard, or other interior plastic before applying the shine. It improves the overall look, but in fact, they are just masking the dirt that is still on the plastic. 2. People only clean interior plastic, without giving it any protection.

Both of these ways are wrong, as in every detailing job you do, you first need to clean and then protect. In the same way, you should maintain your car’s interior. So let’s make a step-by-step plan, of how you can restore your interior plastic and make it look like new again!

1. Clean the Surface

Using a high-quality interior cleaner or APC, and brush, make a deep clean of the surface, to remove all the dirt and grease.

2. Remove residue and let it dry

Using a clean microfiber towel, remove the residue of the cleaner and dry the surface.

3. Apply interior dressing

Spray interior dressing on foam or microfiber pad, and spread it on the surface. Let it dry, and remove the residue with a clean microfiber towel. If needed, apply a second layer of dressing for better protection.

FAQ about Best Car Interior Dressing

Best Car Interior Dressing

What Dashboard Shine to Use on Leather Dashboard?

For Leather Dashboard, you should use high-quality leather conditioners. Some interior dressings are also suitable for the leather application, but specialized conditioners will moisturize and protect the leather dashboard more effectively. You can check the best leather conditioners in our recent post.

What is the best finish for a car dashboard?

Matte finish is the best finish for a car dashboard as it will be less reflective and reduce sun glare in the car, which can be really distracting while driving.

How often should you apply interior dressing?

It’s recommended to reapply interior dressing once in 3 months. As well, pay attention to which interior dressing you are using as some may require more often application. Also, if your car is exposed to direct sunlight often, it’s better to renew your interior protection layer every month. And of course, if you clean your dashboard, or other interior surfaces often, you may need to reapply the dressing sooner than in 3 months or use an interior detailer to maintain your coating.

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