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Best Car Leather Cleaner in 2024

Nowadays, more and more cars are using faux leather or vinyl instead of genuine leather on seats, dashboards, and door panels. Still, there are a lot of vehicles where you can find leather interiors. Owning a leather interior is superb, but it also requires you to be more attentive to it than to standard plastic panels and cloth seats. Part of being attentive to your car’s leather is using the best leather cleaner for the car.

For beginners, we created a step-by-step guide to clean leather seats properly.

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Can you clean Leather in Car?

Yes, you can clean the leather in a car, moreover, you should make it regularly. Cleaning leather in cars prolongs its lifespan, and allows you to avoid early car seat repair or restorations. Above this, driving a car with clean leather is more pleasant than sitting in oily and grimy seats. Don’t forget to clean the steering wheel in your car!

Can you use All Purpose Cleaner on Car Leather?

Yes, you can use All Purpose Cleaners to clean car leather, but be sure to use high-quality all-purpose cleaners, and check the correct dilution ratios for leather cleaning with the manufacturer of your APC. All-purpose cleaners will make your leather look clean, however, it will not make it as gentle and as deep as specialized cleaners for leather. Leather cleaners are well-balanced to lift dirt and oils from leather pores without harming the leather.

What is the Safest Way to Clean Leather?

The first rule of safe leather cleaning is using high-quality products. Avoid using cheap leather cleaners, brushes, and even towels, if you want to achieve clean leather in your car without damaging it. Once you get the proper tools and products, follow these simple steps to maintain leather in your car.

  1. Spray on leather.
  2. Use a horse hair brush to spread the cleaning solution and lift the dirt from the leather pores.
  3. Wipe with a clean microfiber.

How Often should you Clean Car Leather?

On average, cleaning your car’s leather once in 3 months will be enough. But always adjust the regularity of leather cleaning to your driving. If you drive your car 24/7 you should clean it more often, also driving with open windows makes your leather get dirty faster. Driving with or without passengers also affects how long your seats will stay clean. If you see that your leather is oily or dirty and three months since the last cleaning did not pass, you can clean your leather earlier.

Best Car Leather Cleaners in 2024

Meguiar’s Leather Cleaner – 1 Gallon

Meguiar's best car leather cleaner

Much softer formula compared to all-purpose cleaners. It is a good cleaner for leather with a citrus scent. Better for those who have a lot of interior leather or vinyl parts to clean, so you will save money having a gallon of cleaner.

Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner 

Chemical guys leather cleaner for car

A cleaner that you should try for sure. It makes cleaning easy and safe. It has a pH-balanced formula for easy removal of dirt and preserves the leather’s strength, durability, and appearance.

Leather Honey Cleaner

Leather honey best car leather cleaner

The most popular leather cleaner on Amazon, nothing more to say. It does its job perfectly, with many years on the market. I think that the reason why it’s the most popular on Amazon is that Leather Honey is something that people buy when their priority is not to clean car leather only. Other recommended products also can be used for leather everywhere but priorly on car interiors.

All Leather Cleaner (Step 1) by Lexol


An easy-to-use leather cleaning solution. You can apply it with a microfiber pad.


In our list of best car leather cleaners, we have options that are specifically designed for car leather, and three best general leather cleaners. Unfortunately, there are stains that leather cleaner will not remove, for example, old sunscreen stains. However, with our post, you will find the best way to remove sunscreen stain on leather.

Of course, leather cleaners are versatile, and it doesn’t matter if you will clean leather on your sofa or on your car. It means that you can choose any option on this list and clean your car’s leather safely, and after come help your wife clean the leather at home.

On the other hand, I believe when you need the best leather cleaners specifically for your car, there is nothing better than a leather cleaner designed specifically for cars. So I put on top places specialized car leather cleaners, and because Meguiar’s offers the best price for a high-quality leather cleaner, it’s the number one leather cleaner for my car. Don’t be afraid of a 1 Gallon bottle, believe me, you find where to use it pretty quickly.

So grab the most convenient cleaner for yourself, and finally revive your leather seats to factory new condition, and don’t forget about the best car leather conditioner!

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