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Best Tire Cleaner 2023

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What is Tire Cleaner?

what is tire cleaner

Tire Cleaner is an alkaline, sometimes solvent-based cleaning solution for cleaning car tires and rubber. It removes dirt, old tire dressings, road films, tire blooming, harsh contaminations, oxidation, and other contaminants on tires and rubber.

Tire Cleaners are superior to APC, and wheel cleaners in terms of cleaning tires and rubber, and what is more important they are designed to work with rubber, so they clean it safer! Tire Cleaner gets inside rubber pores, and the lifts the contaminations which leaves you with a clean rubber even on old tires.

Why should you clean tires and rubber on your car?

best rubber cleaner

The first, and most noticeable reason is the overall look of your car. You don’t want your car to look dark and worn out, but blooming tires, and oxidized rubbers can make even new cars look worn out. That is the reason you should regularly take care of the tires and rubbers on your car. By taking care I mean cleaning and protecting it with tire shine, and trim restorers.

The second reason is how long your rubbers and tires will last depends on the care you will take of them. UV light, road grime, and harsh chemicals can destroy your rubbers shortly. When rubber is getting oxidized well enough, it will start cracking, which will lead to tire bubbles and worn-out rubber seals.

Taking care of tires and rubbers in your car is simple, so don’t forget to add them to your car care routine to prolong their lifespan, and keep your car overall looking like new!

Best Tire Cleaner

Griot’s Garage Rubber Prep / pH-not determined

Griot's Garage Rubber Prep

Griot’s Garage offers an effective cleaner that removes old tire and rubber dressings, old contaminants, and yellow and brown discoloration from tire sidewalls. Unfortunately, the pH level is unknown, but based on Griot’s Garage this product is solvent-based, which makes it so effective.

Easy-to-use formula, which allows you to apply it on tires with just a scrub applicator, and then just wipe it off. No rinsing and scrubbing with a tire brush is required, so it will be a great option for those who don’t have access to a hose or water source.

Once the tire is dry, you have a perfect tire surface for tire shine application, which will last much longer, compared to application on dirty tires.

P&S Undressed Tire Prep / pH 9.0

P&S Undressed

P&S Undressed is the most cost-efficient and highly effective tire cleaner on our list. It is an alkaline cleaner with water-based solvents and detergents that can strip your tires for a perfect new tire shine application. It will remove old dirt, yellow and brown discoloration from UV lights, and return clarity to white wall tires.

As well, you can use this product for cleaning any rubber trim on your car, including rubber mats, which can be really harsh to clean.

Undressed has a spray formula, and requires brushing the surface after application, and rinsing off.

CARPRO ReTyre Tire & Rubber Cleaner / pH 12~14

CARPRO best tire cleaner

CARPRO provides us with a high-alkaline tire cleaner, that dissolves old road films and contaminants from the tires. Retyre works effectively for removing previously applied tire shines and coatings, and removes brown discoloration from UV lights.

It requires a pre-rinse of the tire, scrubbing with a tire brush, and rinsing after application. Its spray-foaming nozzle helps to apply the cleaner avoiding sensitive surfaces, and lift the dirt from the rubber pores.

Adam’s Tire&Rubber Cleaner / pH 12 – 12.4

Adams best tire cleaner

Adam’s offers tire cleaner that has a similar pH level to Retyre, however, it has a more user-friendly citrus-based formula. It can effectively remove baked tire dressings, discoloration, and oxidation from tires and plastic.

If your concern is a more versatile product, that is safe for cleaning rubber, plastic, or non-porous polycarbonate surface, choose Adam’s Tire&Rubber Cleaner.

Chemical Guys Total Extract Tire&Rubber Cleaner

Chemical Guys best tire cleaner

In 2023 Chemical Guys released a new dedicated product for tire cleaning, which allows you to remove old tire shine, discoloration, grime, and contaminations. Unfortunately, there is no information yet on the pH level of this product, but based on Chemical Guys it has specially formulated nourishers that help the cleaner to get deeper into rubber pores and lift the dirt.

Total Extract Tire&Rubber Cleaner has a spray formula, which requires pre-rinsing, scrubbing with a brush, and rinsing off. This product is a bit pricy, but it is a definitely good option to try, especially if you can get it on some sale or discount, which happens often with Chemical Guys products, which makes them super cost-efficient!

How can you make your tires black again?

To make your tires black again you should clean them deeply using tire cleaners represented in this list, and then protect and restore the deepness of dark tire color by applying tire shine. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Pre-Rinse your tires.
  2. Spray Tire cleaner generously.
  3. Use a hard bristle tire brush to scrub the tires.
  4. Rinse thoroughly, and if tires still look dirty, reapply tire cleaner again.
  5. Let them dry completely, you can speed up this process using microfiber towels.
  6. Apply tire shine on foam, or microfiber applicator.
  7. Spread it all over the tire’s sidewalls.
  8. Give it some time to adhere, and you are ready to roll out with dark black tires!


Best Tire Cleaner is a crucial step in the wheel care routine. It allows you to restore original deepness and darkness even on old tires, and make a perfect prep for a tire shine application. Moreover, regular care of tires and rubbers improves your car’s overall look and lets them last longer by removing all contaminants from rubber pores.

Without proper tire cleaning, tire shine will last less, and can slip off your tires all over your car during driving. So don’t forget to spend extra 2 minutes during the car wash, and pay attention to your tires, maybe the tire shine you are using is not that bad, it’s just your tires need a deep clean prep!

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