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Best Way to Clean Cloth Car Seats

Having fabric car seats is a practical choice compared to leather seats. Even though fabric doesn’t require as much attention as leather, it doesn’t mean you should not take care of them. Fabric seats get dirty even when you don’t see them because of their dark color. Dust, dirt, and grease collect on your fabric seats every day, so when you notice dark spots or stains, it’s time to clean fabric car seats. Cleaning upholstery seats is not the same as leather car seats cleaning. That is why you need the best way to clean cloth car seats!

Don’t forget that cleaning cloth car seats is a part of car interior detailing, so to complete your interior detailing, check our recent post.

What detailing products do you need to clean fabric car seats

1. Fabric Cleaner

You can use specialized car upholstery cleaners, as well as all-purpose cleaners with correct dilution. Do not use heavy-duty cleaners cause they can cause a color change in car seat fabric. You should pick high-quality cleaners, otherwise, you will not achieve wanted results and will spend extra time repeating cleaning several times.

Before using any fabric cleaner, check the directions to use it! For example, here you can find how to use Chemical Guys Fabric Clean.

2. Fabric Protector

You can find different options from every car care brand you prefer. I’m showing you two examples that will be suitable for fabric protection.

What instruments do you need to clean cloth car seats

For proper cleaning of cloth car seats you will need:

  1. A soft-bristle brush
  2. Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner. For at-home detailing you don’t need an expensive wet vacuum cleaner, as for example I showed you a wet and dry cleaner from Kaercher, which will be enough for your task. Just find a suitable nozzle for wet cleaning fabrics!
  3. Set of high-quality microfiber towels for interior detailing.

Best way to Clean Cloth car Seats: Step-by-Step

1. Dry vacuum cleaning

This stage is simple, vacuum your car seats as well as possible. Vacuum all hard-reaching places, and collect all dust and debris.

Do not pour too much liquid into your seats, and don't forget that every modern car seat has electronic components. If you are afraid to pour too much liquid, for the safety of your car seat electronics, you should unplug connectors under your seats. 

2. Wet brushing

Spray fabric cleaner on the seats and brush them with a soft fabric brush. If you have a drill, you can buy a drill brush nozzle and use it for cleaning your seats. It will make the process faster and more effective.

3. Wet vacuum cleaning

If you are using an extractor vacuum cleaner, clean the seats first with a fabric cleaner and then replace the fabric cleaner with distilled water and vacuum the seats one more time.

If you are using a wet vacuum cleaner without an extractor, spray the fabric cleaner and collect the residue with a vacuum cleaner. After that, spray distilled water on the seats and collect the residue with a vacuum cleaner.

4. Drying and protecting

Wait the required time for the seats to dry. If you have velour seats while drying, brush them with a dry and clean brush so the velour will be fluffy again.

Once your seats and dry, apply the fabric protector following the direction of the use of it.

How to remove spots on fabric car seats?

Sometimes we can notice small spots on our seats. In this case, total cleaning is too much for such a small problem. For such cases, car care companies created effective ready-to-use products.

How to use them:

  1. Apply the cleaner to the dirt spot. 
  2. Wait the required time, based on directions of use. 
  3. Brush the spot.
  4. Collect the residue with dry and clean microfiber.
  5. Repeat if needed.

Conclusion. Best way to Clean Cloth car Seats

Regular seat cleaning using our best way to clean cloth car seats will help you to keep your car’s interior fresh and new as long as possible. As well, it will make your car’s overall look complete, and your driving experience more comfortable.

Don’t forget that without cleaning cloth seats, you may have unpleasant smells and odors in your car, which is not the best thing during long driving. Removing such odors can be challenging, so if you will not find a way to remove them, you can always order car mobile detailing services that will help you!

Once you are satisfied with how your cloth seats feel and look, you can move on to cleaning of car carpet, which can be another reason for the bad smell in the car.

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