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Best Way to Clean Leather Car Seats in 2023

Recently we described the best way to clean cloth car seats, now it’s time for leather ones! If you want your leather seats to last longer, you need to take care of them as much as after your car paint. Leather is a lasting material, but it requires quality care. I will show you the best way to clean leather car seats in 2023 as it needs to be as if you were visiting a professional car detailer. And don’t forget about cleaning the steering wheel!

What detailing products you need to detail leather car seats

1. Leather Cleaner

We will start with high-quality leather cleaners. They will work well on genuine and synthetic leather car interiors. You can see some examples of cleaners that are made for automobile leather. Avoid using cheap and unknown cleaners because they can cause damage to the leather. You can find more info about leather cleaners in our previous article.

2. Leather Conditioner

In every detailing store, you will see a lot of 3in1 solutions for cleaning and conditioning, but they are not a good option for deep cleaning your seats. I will explain why in the last paragraph of this article. You should find a product specific for conditioning car leather because now we are making a deep detailing of car seats. We need to restore, refresh and protect the leather with a good conditioner.

What instruments do you need for car seats detailing

Best Way to Clean Leather Car Seats: Step-by-step

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner to collect all debris in the folds of the leather. Small tip for owners of perforated leather seats, while vacuuming, use a toothpick to clean debris from perforation holes.
best way to clean leather car seats

2. Spray leather cleaner on horse hair brush and seats. Start brushing your seats in circular motions without too much pressure. If you notice white stains on leather, it can be sunscreen, to remove it check our post with the best ways to remove sunscreen stain from leather.

best way to clean leather car seats

3. Wipe off the product with a clean microfiber towel.

4. Apply leather conditioner on a microfiber pad or towel and spread it on the leather. Let it dry, and enjoy the beauty of your fresh and clean seats!

best way to clean leather car seats

How to keep your seats clean for a longer time after deep cleaning

Now, when you see how nice your leather seats can look, you will think of keeping them clean for as long as possible. To make it happen, use those 3in1 cleaners and conditioners, which I warned you not to avoid before for cleaning and conditioning. Such products are great for making weekly and fast cleanings, not for a deep detailing of car leather. Use them to keep your seats fresh for a longer time, do not expect them to make miracles and to bring you the same results that proper cleaning will give.

If you are short on time you can always find the best car detailing near you, and make proper leather seat cleaning!

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